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Captains Log: Star Date, End of Freshmen Year, Hope College.

I usually work about 30 hours a week while I'm in college and when summer came and I was working 40/week it seemed like I had lots of time on my hands. So I started contemplating hobbies to take on. First, I thought I'd become a scholarly authors. Then I looked at my final grade in English 101 and my professors notes, "don't ever become a scholarly author, please." So I decided that it'd be in the best interest of the world's population if I'd keep my insights to myself. Then I thought maybe I'd collect fine art. Then I realized that I'm not wealthy so that idea went out the window. Then it hit me, books. I'd collect books. So off I went on my adventure of searching and purchasing antique books. As you probably have noticed I haven't bought very many. I felt that I didn't want to buy just any book. I wanted books that had some sort of sentimental value to me. I bought all of these during the summer of 2001. I'm trying to keep up with them and buy more, but since school start I just haven't had much time to sit on ebay and serf. My hope is that by the time I'm sixty that I will have my own little library of antique books. If anyone reading this has any suggestions or knows of anywhere I can find nice antiques, drop me a line. Now, if you'll step this way, I'll give you a tour of my short collection of books. And please, don't touch them, they're fragile.

Vision of Dante Alighieri, Hell and Paradise - 1814

Collected Poems By T.S. Eliot - 1936

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens - 1899

The Hundred Years War - 1970

Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer- 1934


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