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  California Trip:

Spring, 2001. The fam went to visit my brother nate. I took a ton of pictures of our trip, so if you'd liked, take a peek...

 Sunday: Apartment, China Town, Another China Town, Nice SF Pic, Another Classic SF Pic, Downhill SF Pic, Entertainment Center, Kitchen, Landscape, Living Room, Nate, Office, SF, SF2, Pic of Zeke, Zeke, Zeke

 Monday: Big Mini City, Big Rock, Family, Fog, Landscape, Long Look, Mini City, Mini City2, Mom, Mountain, Another Mountain, Mountain Again, And Again, Nate and Mom, Overlook, Rob and Rock, Sara, Sara2, Side of Mountain, Sky, Trail, Valley

 Tuesday Sky, Alcatraze, Zeke, Cool Tree, The Fam, Flower, Golden Gate, Homeless People In SF, Another Homeless Guy Yes, I did give them money, Hut, Japanese Garden, Mom, Palm Tree, Rock Garden, SF View, Another SF View, And Another, Yet Another, Sea Lions Kissing, Sea Lion Swimming, Sea Lions, Sea Lions 2, Sea Lions 3, Tower, Towers

 Thursday: Top Floor / The Rock, Al Capone, Alcatraz, Barber Pic, Broad Sign, Broadway of The Rock, Entertainment Center, Kitchen, Cell 151, Another Cell, More Chinatown, Clock On Broadway, Cops, Cutoff Sign, Dining Hall, Electric Box, Escape Hole, Escapehole 2, Escapehole.jpg 3, Firehose, Floors, Golden Gate, Gun Gallery, In Cell, Indians Welcome, Inmates, Inmates 2, Inside Gates, Library, Micky Cohen, Pic of a Pink Baby for Kendra, The Potty, The Rec Room, The Rock, Rock Ruins, Rock Ruins 2, Pic of SF, SF From Rock, Sara, Sara (Golden Gate), Sink, Solitary, Solitary Inside, Solitary Floor, Stairs, Upstairs, Vent, Visit Room, Visit Window, Warden Office, Wardens, Water Tower



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