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Welcome to This is the messy existance that is Robo (Rob Oostendorp) online.

Worthless Rambling:
May 17, 2004: Two more weeks and I graditate da college, Hope, that is. Now that I've finished, I've finally updated the homework page. Check it out.

Early January 2004: Happy new year everybody! 2004 is already on its way. My 2004 resolution is non-existant. I just don't believe in new years resolutions. It's kind of like how Steve Bushemi doesn't believe in tipping in Reservoir Dogs. Lately I've been playing with my latest Tech-Toy, the Ipod. The coolest addition is the voice recorder which lets me take notes when I'm drinking with my friends and too drunk to remember what I said the next day. Ahh college. Another project that I worked on this summer (for about an hour) was a HTML CD_COVER_MAKER feel free to use it as much as you please.

May 11, 2003: Wow! Wow again! So, one of our trees fell down earlier today. Check out what I call my Maple Less directory for the rest of the pic's (Note: I live on Maple Lane). .

April 1, 2003: Last weekend I was browsing the US Patent database when I came across the worst idea I've ever heard: The covertible workout-bench coffee table. Yes. That's right, The convertible workout-bench coffee table. Seriously, who would ever puchase this!? What else is new? Xbox, Xbox, Xbox. I hacked my Xbox up and am now re-additcted to Nintendo games (Dr. Mario anyone?). I also just got done putting out a hugh Marketing project. you can check it out.

Mid October, 2002: Found out that Ernst & Young rejected me after an internship interview. Check out the Resume & Rejection Letter. I figured instead of framing rejection, I'd share it with all of you! (L8er Skater Boi).

Mid July, 2002: I'm busy as hell. I wrote some sweet amazon_xml code in perl that downloads and caches a book, dvd, and cd which is displayed in a nodelet on it's corresponding node (based on the everything engine). I also took another job position recently: I'm a technology consultant for However, my billable hours are now up to 70 a week. My last non-work related project was getting my new Clie setup so that I could justify using it to improve how I do work -- Or maybe I just wanted a new MP3 player (wink). Lately, to get perspective, I've spending most of my nights sitting outside on my roof smoking my pipe and watching the stars. Sad, I know, but what are ya suppose to do?... And with that I bid you all a good morning, good evening, or good day.

Question: Does Alyson Hannigan from Buffy the Vampire Slayer get hit on by women because she plays a lesbian on T.V.?

Another one of my plants died. Of course it's gotta be June's picture of the month. During May I put together a visual touch screen MP3 player, check it out in the audrey section. picked up my review of Warcraft III Beta.

Time for "Yet Another Update". So it's spring break, 2002 and I'm working, of course. I just got done writing a short review on Warcraft III Beta. Check out my latest Slashdot review on the Rio Receiver. What else is new...Oh! I updated my homework page, if you're in school, Hope College in particular, check it out! That's all for now, move along...

Robo's Log: Virtual Date 23 February 2002. So my friend Josh has been playing a lot of video games lately. Here we see him working on winning the last race to get an S licence. Hey! Check out my new tv! I've been gracing my tv with as much Kirsten Dunst as possible lately. I also read The Brothers Karamazov and Crime and Punishment By Fyodor Dostoevsky. And my favorite picture of this month: The Half Dead Plant. Want a good laugh? If you're not running on a 56k modem, click here for Brandon, and here for the response by Trevor & Chocha. Watch Brandon first, then watch Trevor and Chocha; Funny as hell. That's it for now!

It's mid december, 2001, just got done with exams. I've been playing a lot of Civ III lately, kind of getting bored though. I bought a Compaq Ipaq IA-1 last week from Tiger Direct for $99. Hacked it to get Jailbait linux on it. It was a pain but well worth it. check out my Ipaq page for more information.



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