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Hacking the Compaq Ipaq IA-1:


First thing you need to know is where to go to get help if this webpage doesn't fit your needs. Here are the sites I recommend reading through before performing any kind of hacking on your machine:

Jailbait Linux
Sourceforge's Jailbait Page
I-Appliance BBS - I Appliance is going to give you basically the same information I'm going to give you, I'm just going to try and consolidate it for you and explain what I had to do for my system.

Things you'll need:
Compaq Ipaq IA-1
Compact Flash card at least 32MB
USB or equivalent compact flash card device reader/writer
USB Ethernet Adapter (My instructions are for the D-Link DSB650TX).

Step 1: Getting to your machines bios. This is best explained in a thread on I-Appliance, go here: On the third picture check where it says bios clear jumper. You need to pull the jumper off and touch the jump on the right to the middle jump by connecting the two for a second with a screw driver or some other kind of metal. Then you need to put the jumper back on just as it was. Put the case back together, put in the compact flash card, and plug it in. When the compaq logo comes on, start punching the compaq button until the bios comes up.

Step 2: Switching your bios to boot from floppy (compact flash card). Go to the boot section of your bios and hit the left and right keys to switch the first, second, and third boot positions around so that D: is first, floppy: is second and c: is last. To save your information you'll need to hit 't' to save it. Go to save and exit bios and it'll ask you to hit F10, hit 't' again and it should save and restart. Once it restarts, unplug the machine and go to your computer to make a compact flash card bootable.

Step 3: Making your CF card bootable and getting the right files on it. Setup your compact flash card and plug it into your desktop. Open up explorer and format your compact flash card. Make it bootable by downloading part.exe. Open a dos prompt and go to the directory where you saved part.exe. Type 'part'. make sure you move over with the arrow keys right until you reach the correct drive, it'll be the size of your compact flash card. Go to the second partition on that drive by typing F5 and go down to the second partition which should be about the size of your flash card. Type b (I think twice) to make it bootable, it'll need to have a < by it before exiting. Then exit the program and save.
Now go to the directory where you saved dolly. Type (assuming your compact flash card is drive e:) 'format e: /s' type 'cd e:' then 'dir' to make sure you see Then go back to your desktop. Download dolly.exe and put that on E:
Your also going to need a jailbait linux image, get it from here and put it on your E drive, I'd rename it to ia.img to make it easier for later.

Step 4: Booting off your compact flash card and copying over your .img. Put the compact flash card into your IA-1 and restart it. It should bring up the compaq logo followed by a windows 98 boot screen and then a dos prompt. If it doesn't you need to go back to step 2. If you want to save your current MSN settings, you'll need to go to linux hacker and read around, I didn't do it because I never intended to use the ms software. Assuming you don't want to keep the MS software, type 'dolly ia.img hd129:' It's going to ask you for your information. Put in some semi-real information otherwise it'll quit on you. It'll go back to the DOS prompt again. Tpye 'dolly ia.img hd129:' again. The dolly screen will come up, type 'TRIAL'. Wait and watch the secters being copied over to your system, then you have the jailbait image on your system.

Step 5: Setting up Jailbait. Reboot and make sure that you compact flash card is no longer inside your IA-1. Your IA-1 should boot linux now, except it's going to ask you for a longin and a pw, that don't really exist yet. In order to create a new root password so you can login, hit tab when the 'LILO:' boot screen comes up. It should give you a prompt that says 'boot:' Hit tab to see what image name(s) are there, it should be something like 'internal' , 'hda' , or 'hdb'. Let's just say it's 'hdb' , type 'hdb single' This was it'll load jailbait as a single user and you can change the root pw. Wait for it to boot and it should give you a prompt. Type 'mount -o remount,rw /' and then type 'passwd root' and type in your password. Reboot. Load jailbait up and login to your new account 'root' and your pw.

Step 6. Installing drivers for your network adapter. Hook your compact flash card back up to your desktop and download and copy pegasus.o on it. Reboot your IA-1 and go into the bios and switch back the boot order of the drives so that it boots off the c:. Also before you put your compact flash card back into your IA-1 delete the boot-up off it. For some reason it was the only way I was able to mount the flash card in Jailbait. Put the compact flash card back into your IA-1 and type 'start x' to start the x-windows system. right click on the background and open up rxvt. First we're going to make the system writable again, type 'mount -o remount,rw /' Then mount your compact flash card 'mount /dev/hdc1 /mnt'. Type 'mv /lib/modules/pegasus.o /lib/modules/oldpegasus.o' to save pegasus.o as oldpegasus.o Then copy over the new pegasus module 'cp /mnt/pegasus.o /lib/modules/pegasus.o' . Now so that the IA-1 will load the drivers at bootup, type 'vi /etc/modules' go to the bottom and type 'i' to edit the file, hit 'enter' that'll bring up a new line. Go to the new line and type 'pegasus' then hit 'esc (cancel)' and type ':wq' to save your file. Now your machine will load the pegasus driver at bootup.

Step 7: Fixing your ethernet adapter. Now that you have everything set on your IA-1, you need to update your eth adapter. These instructions are for the D-link DSB650TX. Plug your USB Ethernet adapter into your desktop. On your desktop download This. Unzip the file and edit the ADDR.NOW file to be -1 your node_id on the label of your USB ethernet adapter. The ADDR.MAX needs to be -1 the node_id. The next step is activate the convert file. Open a dos prompt and go to the directory where you saved your convert file and type 'convert' you'll then need to press enter twice and type '1' 'enter' It should say 'successful'. Do that for 1,2,3 and 4. Next you'll need to shutdown into MSDOS. This is import because it's the only way you can correctly fix the ethernet adapter. So either reboot into DOS or shutdown into MS-DOS. Go to the directory where you unzipped your files and type sromb.exe. As long as you got no errors, you now have a USB ethernet adapter that will work with Jailbait. Plug in the ethernet adapter and reboot your IA-1. YOUR DONE! You should now be equipped with a fully functioning Jailbait IA-1 Home Internet Appliance. If you're like me and using dhcp, you'll also need to type pump next time you boot to get the IA-1 to request it's IP...

Disclaimer: This is what I did to make my IA-1 work with Jailbait. I don't know what will happen with your system. I'm sorry if you've tried my instructions and they don't work, I hope you can figure it out. Setting up my IA-1 took almost a week to get it fully functional. I ended up having to use five different images of Jailbait before I got it to work correctly. Make sure you don't just follow my instructions without knowing what you're doing. Do your research so you know what you're doing. Sorry, I'm not responsible for what you do with your box, again, this is what worked for me and I can't be responsible if these instructions ruin your system.



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