October 29, 2000


October 29, 2000. Even though this is a patterns journal I feel that I should be able to write anything I want. The next few entries will have a more personal outlook than the previous ones. I've been listening to some new music my friend Collin Slenk has presented to me… Let me start at the beginning. Six months ago I decided that I want to be able to be anywhere in the house, on the Internet, without a cord. There was only one solution, a wireless network setup in my house. I turned one of my old computers into a Linux Box and created it as the gateway for laptops at my house. I proceeded to add a program to my Linux Box called Samba, which allows Windows machines to open file sharing to Linux machines. Have you ever been throwing a dinner party, or any kind of get together where there is that music in the background playing nice and softly and adding to the atmosphere? Well I do it all the time with my friends, but someone always has to be on "music selection duty" and change the CD's. Being the lazy man that I am, I decided that it was possible to create MP3's out of all of my CD's and put them on to a hard drive on the Linux Box. Then using the wireless network and Samba I would be able to transmit data stright from the Linux Box. This meant I could use a program to play music from the Linux Box without having any of it on my laptop. I used a headphone jack and split it into two RCA cables which were plugged into the back of my audio receiver. And after a few months of transferring CD's .WAV files into .MP3 files and copying them over to the Linux Box, I was all set. Whala, I had created a MP3 server. I remember people in our class talking about have a thousand MP3's on their computer, although no one saw me, I was snickering. I currently have six thousand songs on my computer and no doubles. All of the music is in full albums, no stray songs. This adds up to be four hundred and fifty CD's. This brings me to the part about Collin; recently Collin has been giving me Radiohead CD's to put on my server, and they're great! So in a pattern of evolution of the human mind, body, and soul and the concept of changing music tastes, I recently began getting into music like Radiohead, Muse, Moby, and Tom Waits.

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