October 25, 2000


October 25, 2000. Currently I am sitting in "my chair", my leather recliner that is known to the world as "Rob's chair." I am looking in my peripheral vision at my friends Tim and Josh who are sitting my couch. We are in my room watching the blockbuster hit Magnolia with Tom Cruise and William H Macy. This will be my third time around and Josh's second. So your asking why did we get it? Tim hasn't seen it yet, and Josh and I can make sacrifices like watching movies over and over that people haven't seen because we have seen the bulk of Blockbuster's inventory. Which brings me to the pattern, which will be about body language and posture. Tim has his left leg touching his right knee, I believe this to be his habit because he is left handed. Tim sits with his arms crossed. The movie is fifteen minutes in and is playing on five stories none of which make any sense of have any connection to each other leaving Tim stressed and bored. Many people cross their arms when they are bored, its body language. Tim's eyes also seem to be very stuck on the T.V. pondering and foreshadowing the movie in his mind. Josh on the other hand sits with his legs open and his arms down. He's patching the movie in his mind remembering the ending and watching for parts that foreshadow the ending, hoping Tim won't figure it out on his own. Anytime some clue as to the connection of the stories come up he raises his eyebrows and glances at me. His eyes are much more relaxed than Tim's because he knows what is going on. Body language is an important part of communication that is overlooked in everyday situations. Next time your in a room of people look for that communication between an individual and the group through their body language.

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